Preserving the Authentic Sounds of Our Region

Our Passion for Regional Music

At Snail Records, we are dedicated to preserving the unique sounds of our region. Our team shares a deep love for music that retains its original identity and authenticity, free from the pressures of commercialism. We are committed to producing high-quality recordings that honor the true spirit of the music we cherish. Join us as we celebrate the rich musical heritage of our region through our meticulous production process and unwavering dedication.

Meet the Snail Records Team

Our team at Snail Records is a small but passionate group of individuals who are dedicated to preserving the authentic sounds of our region. With a keen ear, extensive knowledge, and years of experience, we strive to produce high-quality recordings that stay true to the music’s roots. Each team member brings their unique skills and perspectives, contributing to our collective mission of excellence.

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson

Founder & Lead Producer

Maria Gonzales
Maria Gonzales

Sound Engineer

Liam Smith
Liam Smith

Music Historian

Emily Davis
Emily Davis

Marketing & Community Outreach

What Our Partners Say

“Snail Records has an unparalleled dedication to preserving the authenticity of regional music. Their attention to detail and commitment to high-quality production is truly commendable.”

Jane Doe

Music Producer

“Working with Snail Records has been a transformative experience. Their expertise and passion for regional music shine through in every project.”

John Smith

Folk Artist

“The team at Snail Records has a rare combination of technical skill and deep musical knowledge. They truly understand how to bring out the best in every recording.”

Emily Johnson

Sound Engineer

“Snail Records’ commitment to preserving the original identity of regional music is inspiring. Their high standards and meticulous approach result in exceptional productions.”

Michael Brown


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