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Picture a café in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina – all the recent and ancient history of the place always there, implicit – where night after night some great acoustic, guitar-led music is played live. A café where a pared-down band of seasoned professionals is tearing down the roof with a carefully chosen selection of fantastic, indestructible, old tunes.


The band is great; seasoned pros, free of any pretense, genuine, and like the characters of their songs, somewhat ‘elegantly wasted’ – no strangers to drinking and a bit of debauchery. The place itself, imaginary or real, invokes those wonderful and almost forgotten institutions of the bohemian cafés as we used to know them. Worn and scrubby, brimming with history, personal or cultural, where writers and painters, actors and intellectuals would rub shoulders, with hookers and pickpockets – the places they all would call their second (sometimes first) home. Each one filled with stories, some painful, some wonderful, and their music of this band is the soundtrack.

To duplicate that kind of atmosphere on the record, needless to say, was a tough task, but the Sarajevo’s Sarr e Roma and the producer Dragi Šestić, seem to have pulled it off on this album, giving it a fresh sound in the process.


You can play 6 tracks from the album

The guest who deserves a special mention is of course, Ljiljana Buttler, the veteran Gypsy diva who duets with Karahasanović in her own “Zvonija, zvonija”. Speaking of which; back in the eighties, in old Yugoslavia, Sarr e Roma were superstars, a band almost synonymous with a particular brand of Gypsy music. After a period of silence, the acoustic sextet, under the leadership of Karahasanović, the only remaining original member, reformed some time ago. This is their first international release, and with an album as good as this one, I can’t see them failing to win new audiences. But there might be yet another reason for that: after so many pitch-dark, heavy, moody records from the region, albums full of difficult personal stories, and with the ever-present collective history of the place always looming somewhere in the background, Sarr e Roma are bringing something else, something, both the music scene and the audiences are in a bad need of – a sense of fun, the fun of playing music, and of the good times their music never fails to put across.


The music has a light touch, it’s easy-going but never cheap, the band’s mileage is felt in every song and their delivery is effortless, yet there’s freshness and energy in abundance. There are no high concepts at work here, and still the music has a true depth and emotion; it can make you smile out of the sheer joy some of the faster songs and the musicianship radiate, and it can make you reflect and feel during the slower ones. It’ll certainly make you want to throw a party and dance. Above all, it’s – whisper it – romantic as very few records currently around. It’s music to fall in love to.


What more could we possibly ask for, these days?


Djorde Matić


Sarr e Roma are:


Amir Karahasanović – vocal and rhythm guitar

Nihad Voloder – solo guitar, electric guitar and electric bass

Nihad Krečo – piano

Vedran Čičak – berde bass, basprim

Muhamed Jusić – drums and percussion

Adnan Zimić – basprim and backing vocals


Guest musicians:


Suad Pašić – sax

Vanja Radoja – violin

Admir Djulančić – trombone

Aida Mušanović – backing vocals

Tjaja Mirando – cimbalom


Special Guest : Ljiljana Buttler


Produced by Dragi Šestić

Recorded in Sarajevo at “Studio Muzicke Produkcije RTV Bih”, June 2009

Studio engineers: Admir Djulančić and Denis Čabrić

Mixed by Milan Čirić and Dragi Sestic at “Sing-Sing” studio in Metslawier, Netherlands, July-September 2009

Mastered by Wim Bult at Inlinemastering , Netherlands, October 2009













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