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The story of Mostar Sevdah Reunion is a story about success - against all odds. It's a story about group effort and energy, but above all it's a story about one man's persistence. Dragi Šestić their producer, is one of those singular and yet somehow typical post-war Balkan characters: one of those people who came out of nowhere and, despite the fact that he had everything working against him, did something special and extraordinary. After surviving a bloody war and destruction,  the people of Bosnia found themselves faced with a different sort of test: paradoxically, the post-war depression and apathy proved to be almost as challenging and difficult - especially for those involved in anything creative or artistic.  Yet Šestić a non-professional musician and music fanatic, managed to put his band together - a group of people with completely different psychological, personal, and ethnic backgrounds; in other words, people with very little in common except for one thing – an endless love of music. And that, probably, was their saving grace, in more ways than one. For the last couple of years Mostar Sevdah Reunion have been sailing the unsure waters of the international music scene, becoming ever more successful.




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