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A trio of Russian virtuosos (what else can we expect from Russia) offers a dramatic, loaded with pure energy, collection of pearls of the great classical Russian gypsy music. Urbane, endlessly romantic, full of casual bohemian charm - Loyko is a revelation. You could almost say, but now without fear: The Russians are coming!


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In recent years, Loyko released four albums on the Russian market: Return Of The Gypsy Maestro (2000), Gypsy Blues (2002), Two Angels (2004) and Oh, What Was This Night (2008). None of these albums was released in Western Europe, but born in Bosnia and living in the Netherlands producer and founder of Snail Records Dragi Šestić, had long been an admirer of Loyko and remained all these years in contact with Sergey. They often discussed the possibility of going into the studio together, but both their agendas did not allow it. The more Dragi listened to the albums that Sergey sent him; the more he became convinced to still do something with Loyko. Eventually it was decided to select ten songs of the four Russian Loyko albums and release them on this album “Hotza”.


As a reminder for the Western European fans. In the future, Dragi and Sergey will absolutely dive into the studio together to record a new album. For now, listeners can enjoy the album Hotza (desire) and refresh themselves with the flowing beauty of these Russian Gypsy maestros Loyko.


Sergey Erdenko - violin, lead vocal

Artur Gorbenko - violin, vocal

Michael Savichev - guitar, vocal




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