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Farida becomes a national celebrity in 1985 when during a concert aired live on Iraqi television for the occasion of the annual Day of the Arts she performs for the first time what has become her signature piece: maqam Orfa. Proposed by Munir Bashir, maqam Orfa is performed by the National Orchestra of Iraq - made up of musicians who teach at the Conservatory - with Farida as vocalist. The performance is an instant success. The television studios are flooded with telephone calls: everybody wants to know who the singer was; that same night, Farida's interpretation of maqam Orfa is repeated various times. Overnight, Farida's fame has spread all over the country. Her soulful and emotional performance is applauded by the general public and connoisseurs alike.


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Why we do this promotion ?






Why we do this promotion,


Well, it's easy, we're relaunching the website of snailrecords. We are starting new projects in 2016 & are busy remastering older releases to HiRes Audio. We want to give Snail Records another start in this troubled times for record labels.


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